And down…

I’ve been having a decent long stretch of good days. I’ve been very productive with work, with non-work work, been running regularly, sleeping well, and been mostly happy. Today is bent on breaking the streak.

I slept over 10 hours last night. It was not a good sleep. (Don’t all bad days start with bad sleep?)

I remember having a good dream—I had two good friends I used to live with, one of their friends brought over his dogs (big scary Rottweilers) who got along fabulously with me. I must’ve woken up around this time. That may be why I remember the dream. That’s also probably why rest of the sleep was bad. I had a bad cold—the bedside kerchief is a testament to that. The head started clouding over with all the bad thoughts and worries. I had to resort to some meditation exercises to get myself back to sleep.

In the morning, I woke up before the first alarm (5:10), but was in a terrible state—nose and head full of fluid, and body feeling tired. The Brooklands parkrun plans went out the window. I switched off the alarms and went back to sleep. Finally got out of bed at 10!

A bad night was followed by a not so good morning. The loo visit was unfruitful. I skipped this morning’s Duolingo practice. Took the boys for only a short walk. Didn’t even feel like finishing the coffee that R had left for me.

Now I’ve got to go for the Saturday run but it’s warm outside and I’ve got no spirit.

There’s been one puny bright spot. After the boys’ walk, I was laying on the sofa trying not to think of the pending run. I switched on the TV to see if there’s anything interesting (bad idea!). The first stage of the tour was on. I switched to the channel to see them start the climb of the Muur1. In 10 mins of TV, I saw them climb the iconic Muur, followed by a tepid Bosberg. These were the only two key parts of today’s stage, other than the finish. And I managed to catch them live, by sheer chance. Today, I’ll take that as a bright spot 🙂

  1. The Muur looks so different in summer. I’ve only seen it, in person and in TV, in spring during the classics season. Today’s Muur, along with rest of the Flemish countryside, felt earily unfamiliar. The racing didn’t help either. In spring, the leaders race full gas up it in ones and twos, and the broken pelotón snakes up it. Today felt more like an easy club ride for most of the pelotón. 

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