Things we lost in the fire (not the movie)

Fire1 = the ankle injury a month ago.

Things = good habits lost, bad ones picked up.

Nothing to do with the movie. Other than that I love the movie, and it’s title.


I have been eating ice creams and chocolates by the dozen. A day. My usually stay high fat med protein diet has turned into a high fat high carb diet. And that carb is mostly processed sugar.

I’ve started drinking a ton of caffeine again – coffee, coke zero, and tea. Usually 4 of them, in some combination, a day.

It may be shame, or it may be hopelessness – I stopped logging food intake in Myfitnesspal2, breaking a nearly year long streak.

I’ve stopped brushing my teeth before sleeping.

I’ve stopped, mostly, meditating.

I’ve stopped, or drastically reduced, working.

I’ve stopped regular calls to friends. To be fair, these stopped a while back. I just didn’t restart them, as I’d planned to do after the race.

I’ve stopped waking up early – the wake up hour has slipped by an hour and a half, on good days.

I’ve stopped having breakfast regularly.

I’ve stopped having a healthy lunch.

I’ve started drinking occasionally.

I’ve started spending more time moping. And feeling angry. And not smiling. And being irritated. And being deeply unhappy.

I’ve put on over 4 Kgs in mass – going from year’s low of 78.2 (day before the injury) to 82.4 (today). I’ve also lost most of my fitness and whatever muscle I built up in those 4 months of running.

I’ve stopped listening to podcasts. I still listen to the daily Indicator while walking up and down the drive in the evening3, but haven’t heard any of the longer, better ones in a while. This, though, is directly due to the injury. I listen to podcasts on boy’s walks and train commutes. Haven’t done much of either since the injury.

I’ve started eating peanut butter again. It’s just a spoon every other day, but it’s a spoon on the slippery slope to re-addiction.

I’ve stopped cleaning the sink before sleeping.

I haven’t started grinding the coffee before sleeping, even though I’ve started drinking coffee in the morning.

Note: A few things have endured this slump.
I’m still continuing my streak of climbing at least 10 floors every day this year.
I’m still continuing my streak of learning/practicing Spanish, in Duolingo, every day this year.
I’m still not watching any news on TV, nor reading any news websites or apps on the phone.
And I’m still off Twitter and Instagram.

  1. It’s not just the ankle injury. There are other, probably worse, things weighing on me. But the injury has snatched away my release valve – walks and workouts. 
  2. I also removed the Myfitnesspal app from the phone. Though that had more to do with my GDPR triggered cleanup. The app have no options of not accepting data transfer & mining, so I just removed it. 
  3. Getting floors climbed recorded on the watch. 

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