That was the number on the weighing scale yesterday morning – 85.2 Kg.

A full 10 Kg above target racing weight, and over 6 Kg over the pre-injury weight.

Weight trend, with gain since ankle injury
Weight trend, with gain since ankle injury

It doesn’t help that I’ve been swamped with work for the last month, so there’s been no swimming either. I need to make a decision on Swim Serpentine soon. I may be able to swim 2 miles, albeit very slowly. But, I wouldn’t want to land up there that day never having swum in open water before, nor having ever swum in a wet suit.

At least the injury is getting better now. I’ve been finally upgraded to some light jumping exercised by the physio. Just a minute a day of them, but it’s a small step towards getting the ankle run ready again.

I also started spinning (indoor cycling) last week. And have signed up next week for my first pilates class since the injury. Hope Brenda is kind on me.

While I’m updating about health, the hearing issue is dragging on. After the initial test, the consultant recommended hearing aid, and an MRI test. Last week I had the MRI test – still awaiting results. I also went for the hearing aid fitting last week, but they’ve now referred me for a tinnitus examination. So, I’m still waiting for any final word. Next test is end of this month, though that won’t be the last for sure.

Body flexibility, always poor, has become worse over the last 3 months. Calves, quads, hip flexors, glutes, back, lats, shoulders – all are stiffer. I haven’t properly stretched in over a month. I haven’t foam rolled since before the injury!

Finally – despite needing it desperately, I still haven’t meditated in a while. Sad.


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