Work days, workout days, both & neither

There are days when all I want to do is workout – swim, run, ride, walk. Whatever it takes to burn some energy, and get me away from staring at the screen.

There are days when all I want to do is work – just sit in front of the screen, and crack on. Something that also gives me an excuse not to go workout.

Today is one of the latter kind of days.

There are also days when I want to do everything. I drag myself away from the screen to stop working, and go do a workout. And then I have to drag myself back home, to stop burning, and start working.

Yesterday was one of those days – lots of productive work, a good run, and a very good spinning session with the club. I went to bed knackered, yet sad that I had to sleep, instead of cracking on with work. I was asleep within minutes, so didn’t have time to ponder over that regret for long :)

Then there are days when I want to do absolutely nothing.

Sunday was one of them. I did drag myself to the swimming pool, mostly thanks to R, and got a good 3000m swim in. However, all I wanted to do (and did for rest of the day), was to lay on the couch/bed, and read.

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