💯 days

100 consecutive days of learning Spanish on Duolingo.

100 consecutive days of climbing at least 10 floors1 a day. Average daily floors climbed over the period: 33.

100 consecutive days of recording weight (Google forms) and food intake (Myfitnesspal).

100 consecutive days feels like a good number to celebrate streaks.

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Just another name for…

When I was growing up in my small Indian town, the term for an after meal dessert was ‘sweet dish’.

However, as true fast (and loud) speaking Punjabis, we didn’t really pronounce it as two words. The words were merged, and the ‘t’ and the ‘d’ merged into a single ‘td’.

The actual spoken term we used for a dessert is a near perfect homonym for the term for a person from that happy North European country – Sweedish

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Importance of learning languages…

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about the importance of learning multiple languages in this changing world. My post was in the context of the disruption in white collar careers that improvements AI will bring.

Seems like a few other sharp minds have been thinking on the same lines. Here’s a post in the Financial Times discussing research on similar lines, but addressing impact of disruption by Brexit. Here’s their list of languages, though I recommend you read the full post:

Top 10 languages for Brexit Britain
Top 10 languages for Brexit Britain

Languages that I …

… want my imaginary kids to learn.


In a globalising, automating world, a personal connect – the soft skills – will rise in value. There are few better ways to enhance your value, and the value of your experience than know the language of the people1.

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