Just another name for…

When I was growing up in my small Indian town, the term for an after meal dessert was ‘sweet dish’.

However, as true fast (and loud) speaking Punjabis, we didn’t really pronounce it as two words. The words were merged, and the ‘t’ and the ‘d’ merged into a single ‘td’.

The actual spoken term we used for a dessert is a near perfect homonym for the term for a person from that happy North European country – Sweedish

The scenario playing in my head:

I take a Swedish friend along on a visit to India, and she’s the focus of insider jokes all through her time with my family 🙂

P.S.: these thoughts may be a result of deep sleep last night, and following @sweden on Twitter and Sarah Sjostrom on Instagram.

P.P.S.: I’d gladly take Sarah Sjostrom along to India, if she promises to teach me to swim like her, in exchange.

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