First run

Last night I went for my first run in 2021. First run since early December.

It was a pleasant surprise how easy it all was. The body still remembers how to run. It just took over effortlessly, tapping away at 180bpm. Sure, I’ve lost a fair bit of fitness. The HR was higher than it should’ve been; though steady not spiking. The pace was deliberately slow; though I finished with 100m of pleasant strides. The posture was good, mostly tall, slight rounding in lower back, lifting knees, and on the forefoot.

It was good. It felt good. I’m happy.

I did end up twisting and injuring my ankle again. I was running off-road, after dark, and the headlamp started fading. My right foot landed at the edge of a large hole that I’d missed; the foot rolled and the ankle twisted.

I was too happy and warmed up by then, so didn’t stop. Hobble-jogged through the pain for a bit, then slow ran, and a km later finished with strides. I iced the ankle later, and it’s sore today. Hope it recovers for another run tomorrow.

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