I’ve had an ur-productive day today.

I started work at 6:20 and stopped at 18:10. There were two breaks totalling 3 hours for loo, lunch and S4E6 of Peaky Blinders. Other than that it’s been full focus, highly productive deep work.

I didn’t open email, WordPress, or any other distractions.

I finished today what I’d planned to achieve in 2.5 days.

It’s been awesome!

It’s not all been awesome.

Because I was in such a productive mode, the boy didn’t get his morning walk. It was also pouring, so that was my excuse at the moment.

I didn’t get my planned run either. Today’s was to be an easy 10K.

I gave up on the final opinion note for M8. He hasn’t read any of the first six, no one will miss the seventh.

I drank two coffees, one tea and half a can of coke zero over 12+ hours. All that caffeine is now making my tinnitus go through the roof.

I feel I have a throat infection, and there’s a high chance I’ll get fever in the next 24-48 hours.

I’m sipping Lemsip as I jot down there thoughts on the phone.

The boy was hugging me so far. Now he’s up, so it’s time for his walk.

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