The weighing scale read 81.4 Kg on Saturday, 10 Aug. Last time I weighed this much was on 26th February, more than five months ago.

As recently as a month ago, on 5th July, I weighed just 78 Kg. I gained 3.4 kilos in a month!

That 81.4 isn’t a single spike. My average weight last week was 80.3 Kg. A month ago it was 78.3 Kg. Even the weekly average increased by 2 kilos​ :(

Based on BMI (25.4), that makes me officially overweight.

Potential Causes

There are many reasons behind the weight gain. The biggest one is me overdosing on all kinds of treats—boxes of jalebi (finished off in an afternoon), multi-packs of magnum ice cream bars (emptied over a weekend), R’s chocolate marble cake and tiramisu (twice) (cleaned in a couple of days), packets of Madeleine, Oreo ice creams and jars of peanut butter.

It didn’t help that I’ve not been working very much the last couple of weeks. This is causing background stress, which is probably making me eat even more than usual.

I’ve also been suffering from hay fever (the wheat finally got harvested last week) and blood loss—both of them combine to put me in low-energy mode. That may have been the reason for not working as much as well.

A combination of hay-fever, background stress, and unhealthy eating has also impacted my sleep. I’ve been waking up later than usual—between 6:30 and 7:30, rather than between 5:30 and 6:30. I’ve been going to bet later than usual, and spending my favourite morning hours not working.

Remedial attempts

All in all it’s been a bad month of health and wealth issues. I need to get back on track starting with sleep, food and, hopefully, meditation. Work and play will fall in place themselves once these inputs are sorted.

On food front, I’m going back to salad sandwiches for dinner. I’m also restricting myself to 2 bread slices a day, and trying to stay off Coke zero and ice creams (they both make the hay fever worse as well).

On the sleep front, I’m going to try to hit the bed by 10. I may continue reading in bed, but at least I’ll be away from the screens and resting the body.

On meditation… I dunno :/

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