Tid bits

Started a new book. And abandoned it within 10 pages. It was a business book with too much ‘values & beliefs’ and barely any nitty gritty of ops and customer service (the reason I picked it).

Lost my phone. And found it within 5 minutes thanks to the new watch. Had kept the phone on a shelf in Tesco while picking something, and forgotten it there. As I moved out of bluetooth range of the phone, the watch lost its connection and buzzed with the notification – reminding me that I’d left the phone behind.

Without being a smart watch, my watch is smarter than me!

Ran a marathon. Not that a 4:36 marathon requires much running.

Original target was sub-4. Lack of prep meant pre-marathon target was sub 4:15. Was comfortably under it for the first 15 miles when the hip flexors started acting up. After a short loo break at mile 17, they went completely kaput. Couldn’t even stand. After I could stand, couldn’t even walk. After I could walk, couldn’t even walk-jog. A long time later, I was back running sub 9-min mile for the last mile before the finish. It’s all in the head, I tell you! (And in training properly)

Learnt Android programming. Still learning. If I keep learning for the next 5 years, I’ll still be learning. There’s so much of it!
Also published the first app – a CRUDS frontend for idonethis.com, to go with my Chrome extension for that service.

Lastly, the weather. (We’re in Britain after all!)

Got a heavy hail shower before we started for morning walk. Bright sunshine on the walk, made me take off the jacket. Then got a strong snow shower as we reached Tesco for some grocery shopping. Sunshine by the time we came back out 30 mins later. Finally, got the coldest and strongest hail shower of the week later in the evening while R & T were out for a run. It was so bad that I actually drove out to pick them up lest they be getting hurt, and/or freezing. (Turned out they weren’t slightly bothered as barely any hail penetrated the tree cover on the trail they were running!)

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