Last week on Garmin (nothing happened)

Week ended 11 Feb, 2018

There wasn’t much running. Ran the planned 10K on Monday. Skipped the Wednesday Fitstuff run, dunno why, and then also skipped the Saturday long run. Did go for short, 5K, make-up runs on Friday and Sunday with Tango and Dudley, though. Still, ran half the week’s planned mileage.

Rode the one planned spinning session with Michelle on Monday. The usual.

Swam the usual 2100m on Tuesday morning. Missed Thursday morning swim to sleep. Got in a 1000m swim before Pilates on Friday – first swim in 25m pool this year, and a fast one too, because of the time constraint. Went for Sunday swim, despite the weather, but it wasn’t to be – the pool was closed for a swimming competition :/

AttendedĀ yoga with Emily on Tuesday, andĀ pilates with Brenda on Friday. Skipped the Sunday yoga with Katie, like usual.

The laziness that killed off all the planned runs and swims in the later half of the week, also ensured I didn’t get my steps target most of the week. Despite a ~18K step Monday, this was the first week in a long while with avg daily steps below 11K :(

Despite not meeting the steps targets, and skipping the runs, I did manage to keep the floor climbing streak going. Even if that meant that Chewie and I did our evening walk, in the dark, on the muddy Compton downs trail so I could get the floors. I ended that day with less than 5K steps, but 15 floors :)


As is to be expected from a lazy week, the weight went up, instead of down. The average may still be the same as previous week, but I started the week at 79.1 Kg, and ended at 79.7 :(

Slept fine most of the week, though the sleep was becoming quite disturbed by the end of it (may write about it on SpkEasy some time). I’m also concerned about my late wake up times. They’re tending to post-7 these days, instead of inching to pre-6 AM.

I have my first race of the season this weekend – the Wokingham half marathon. Left hamstring is quite tender, so planning to nurse it a lot this week. Even took a cold shower, and wore compression shorts and socks at home yesterday, after the run. Icing may be next.

Targets for the current week are 3 runs (~40K), 2 swims (~4K), 1 bike/spin, 3 yoga/pilates/gym sessions, 3 meditation sessions, and average weight of 79.5 Kg.


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