Last week on Garmin – the Wokingham HM week

Garmin stats - week ending Feb 18, 2018
Garmin stats – week ending Feb 18, 2018

Progress on weight, and the year’s first race.

Ran the first race of the year – the Wokingham half marathon. It didn’t go to plan, but wasn’t a total disaster either. Might write about it in a separate post. Also ran the usual 10K with Chewie on Monday, and about 9K of hill repeats with Fitstuff on Wednesday (got Valentine’s day chocolates for the effort :D). Finished the week with a 40K+ total.

Rode the usual spinning session with Michelle on Monday. It was a hill endurance session – 4x 9min hill sessions with no recovery.

Did get in the two planned swims, though with only half the target distance. Made up for it, a bit, in the speed. One swim was post-pilates on Friday afternoon, and the other after volunteering at park run on Saturday morning. Missed both the early morning sessions :(

Attended both the usual sessions – yoga with Emily, and pilates with Brenda. Worked on the abs/core in pilates. 4 days later, they are still hurting :)
Skipped the Sunday yoga with Katie, like usual. (Went and saw Black panther, instead)

Achieved the steps target everyday except Saturday. Fell short by a couple of thousand on Saturday, because I wanted to save the legs for race on Sunday morning. The week’s average was back above 15K.

The floor climbing streak continues. Did have to walk up & down the Compton trail again once this week, just to fill the steps target.

Weight finally averaged in low 79.x Kgs, including 3 days below 79.0. It’s back above 79 now, but hoping to end the week below 79 again, and maybe average below 79 next week :)

Need more work on the sleep. Woke up most days before 7, but the sleep is still not back to the pre-Christmas consistency.

Targets for the current week are 3 runs (~30K), 2 swims (~3K), 1 bike/spin, 3 yoga/pilates/gym sessions, 3 meditation sessions, and average weight of 79.0 Kg.

May need to work more on the left hamstring & calf. It’s been tender for months, and even more so since the race.

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