That hill in the distance…

Sign of a happy run - after Saturday's 20K
Post run state. I was beaming end to end :D

I ran to Newlands corner, and back :)

On the other side of Guildford from where we live, is a place called Newlands corner. It’s on top of the same hill range we’re situated on, and has good views to the south. It’s visible from where we walk, and is almost exactly 10 Km from us on the North downs way.

I’ve wanted to run there (and back) from nearly the day I discovered it. This weekend, I did.

It was all on muddy trails, and I only have 2 pairs of road shoes at the moment. So, I slid multiple times, and slipped and fell twice (nothing hurt, not even the ego). But, I made it. Quite happily, and easily too.

Met loads of dogs, ran up a good few uphills, and actually enjoyed the freezing rain. It was a pretty happy run. The only, small, blemish was that I was alone. R decided to keep Chewie to herself (in the bed) for the afternoon.

Route notes:

I still hate the main trails at Newlands – they’re too churned up by the horses and mountain bikers to run on even with trail shoes. However, the good bit about this run was that I discovered an alternate trail to the north of main trails. It isn’t as banked as the southern one, and isn’t a bog like the main, central one.

I’ve been avoiding St. Martha last few months, despite heading to Chantry woods nearly every weekend. Some approaches to the hill are very sandy, and very steep. I’ve been forced to walk on them more than once.

It was good to break that fear. I didn’t take the steepest route up, but did jog all the way up, both times, and quite comfortably too. I’ll be returning to it on every Chantry visit hereafter.

And yes, I continue to be in deep love with Chantry woods. Still my favourite trail running spot in Guildford :)

I need to get a half-decent pair of trail shoes1. I love these trails too much to let summer approach before I’ve run them more.

  1. And a pair of road shoes. Soonish. My main pair is nearing 1000Km, and I’ve got my first race, the Wokingham HM, in 12 days. 
That hill in the distance…

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