The Donald

The Benjamin, a 100 US Dollar bill, has long ruled the world. It is the highest denomination US currency note; nicknamed after Benjamin Franklin, one of the greatest US leaders of all time, whose image it carries.

Now that the US has a new greatest-ever leader of all the time, it is time to introduce a new highest denomination bill with his image.

The Donald.
A USD 500 note with President Donald Trump’s image on one side and a golden, instead of green, hue to the note.

Make it happen, USA. U S A. U. S. A. U. S. A.

If the Democrats take over the government before the Donald can be brought into circulation, they can keep the idea but convert it to, say, a half-penny coin.

P.S.: This honest idea came about on the walk while listening to the ‘review’ of a penny on 99pi’s rebroadcast of the Anthroprocene review.

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