No group chats

That’s the new rule I’m trying to follow.

People are different. Some like being at the center of the widest possible social circle, others just like to keep up with a big social circle. And some, like me, prefer fewer but deeper social connections.

Group chat, like much of social media, is designed for the first two groups. Not just because they’re the heaviest, most reliable users. But also because number of connections (or followers, friends, or people in groups) is an easy metric to calculate and promote.

Depth of those connections is not such an easy metric to devise. And it is naturally capped. It’s hard to have real deep connections with more than a handful of people.

As I continue to clear the noise in my life, this is one more area where I’m making changes. I want a handful of deep connections, and reduce the noise from the many.  Continue reading No group chats

Rumour has it…

They wrote me off when I screwed up on my boards and JEE.
They told me off when I went to a private college.
They told me they always believed in me when I got placed the same place that my IIT compatriots went.

They wrote me off when I instead went to work with a small startup.
They laughed at me when I decided to write CAT again instead of joining a smaller college first time around.
They told me they always believed in me when I got through, and joined an IIM.

They told me which jobs to pick and work towards.
They dissed me when I didn’t follow their wise words.
They told me they always believed in me when I got where I wanted.

Rumour has it that they’re writing me off again. It’s a good sign.