Last few tweets..

… just archiving.

Fri Aug 05 21:28:09:

“There’s no way to sugar coat it – if your work habits rely on minimizing windows you’re going to hate GNOME 3.” :(

Sat Aug 06 01:42:59:

Missing the long & strong tropical rain. The one which, once it starts, will go on for a few hours with no breaks :) #missingIndianMonsoons

Sat Aug 06 09:11:52:

Feeling bad for @julykatrae, no one @-mentions her or DMs her anymore. Other than me, that is. Show her some love, twitter!

Sat Aug 06 23:45:09:

2 small pints of beer and 3 tequila shots got me reasonably drunk. Not happy with myself. Off to sleep. Hopefully.

Sat Aug 06 23:57:36:

One night I take off to go drinking with friends and riots start off in Tottenham. London really can’t do without its super hero!

Sun Aug 07 01:00:52:

That frustrating feeling when you feel the tears welling up inside but they refuse to come out. Just finished reading: Half of a yellow sun.

Sun Aug 07 09:56:07:

From a family caught in civil war to families caught in Mumbai’s redevelopment fraud. From Chimamanda Adichie to Arvind Adiga. #Books

Sun Aug 07 13:50:50:

I hate hardcover editions of books :/

Sun Aug 07 13:55:08:

The ‘Ravi Shastri’ of Triathlon coverage just commented “he’s the picture of pain and the model of courage…’ :D #BBC

Sun Aug 07 15:53:03:

Glory glory Man United! :D

Sun Aug 07 15:54:05:

Also… just saw the movie… bhaag bhaag d k bose d k bose d k bose d k… bhaag bhaag

I’ve been good. And I’m better when drunk :)