Friday, the 13th – fornicating cows!

Nothing too special about this Friday the 13th. Slightly less productive than usual, and an encounter with fornicating cows.

Yup, that was the highlight of the day – an encounter with the fornicating cows.

I mentioned earlier that the cows are back on the mount. We’ve been passing them often on our walks, and they’re usually the meek creatures they’re made up to be.

Today, as we entered the last section of the mount, some of the cows moved towards us instead of moving away. Their manner of movement, too, was more aggressive than curious. Out of concern for my safety, and Chewie’s sanity, I backed off, and went back out the gate.

Just as we crossed back, one of the cows mounted another and started humping her. The reason for their aggression was well visible!

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