If I could relive my college days

Often I think back to my time at my two colleges – 4 years for the engineering undergrad, and, after a short break, 2 years at business school.

There are very few things, if any, that I’d change about my time in undergrad.

The list of things I’d do differently in my post grad is long. The list of things I’d do the same again wouldn’t last a hand.

Wonder what this says about me – me today, and me then – and those places (in time, people, and environment).

Boiled eggs

Warm, boiled eggs, salt and pepper sprinkled on top.

Taste just as good in cool and wet autumnal England, as in cold and foggy winters in northern India.

Taste just as good at 36, as they did at 10, and at 19.

Taste just as good sharing with wife and dog, as they did with mom, dad and sister, and later with friends and wingies in hostel.

Some things, thankfully, are just the same everywhere :)