A van, driving towards me, dangerously overtook a cyclist. I muttered a few curses at the driver, and my dormant dislike of the van drivers came shooting up.

As the driver went past, I saw his face. I know him. He’s a lovely guy, with the friendliest dog I know – a lovely border collie named Butler.

I like the guy. I hated the van driver.

I should talk to him about the incident. I will not. We don’t talk about unpleasant things in society.

He didn’t harm anyone. He’s a pleasant guy. I really love this dog.

He didn’t hurt anyone. But he could have looked someone. Some day, he might.

I should talk to him. I won’t.

I’m ashamed. I’ll get over it.

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Cars – Need Or Want?

Dani then wrote a letter to the Argus setting out the difference between “wanting” a car and “needing” a car, a distinction that seems to elude many people …

What’s the big deal about not owning a car? It doesn’t have to be some kind of crusade. Sometimes, it’s just about weighing up the costs and benefits of car owning so as to make a more rational choice.

What’s amazing is not that there are people like Dani, but that there aren’t more people like her: people willing to take a more rational approach to car ownership. People prepared to think about the costs, think about the benefits, and then weigh up the balance. Not forgetting that crucial distinction between a need and a want.

Stephen, on Car-free in Brighton

Everyone knows you have a car. You know …

Everyone knows you have a car. You know that you really don’t need to flaunt it anymore.You’ve already been complaining about cold weather, so you don’t need the AC.You’re cribbing about the parking and jams, so driving is only going to be a pain.

Then, why not take an auto for that 5 min drive to the ice-cream shop? There’s no law that says that you can not take an auto after you’ve bought a car. Nor do I think is there a law against taking your young kid and wife in an auto.

If I were you, I’d have taken my bike. Or walked. You aren’t me. Still, that doesn’t mean that you can’t get off your high horse for a bit. Take public transport, an auto. Give your car a rest. Your ego as well. You really don’t have to drive everywhere. Specially when driving is so stressful that even you consider not going a preferable alternative.

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