Status: dead & loved

Dead: legs are knackered from last night’s spinning. First one this season that has left me so empty. Must have done something correct. (PS: Hope tonight’s yoga session is not leg focused).

Loved: R & I were chatting in the kitchen while I brewed coffee. Chewie came out and started whining. Made us follow him back to the bed, curled up in my spot, and beckoned us (with those dreamy eyes) to get on the bed. He’s been sleeping curled up on me since.

My boy’s growing up!

Took the boy along when I went to get my dinner in town. It was his first visit to that part of town, the street with loads of eateries. Specially the one where we were headed – Meat the Greek – with meat scents floating out of its open windows.

I placed my order from the window, then made him sit, and stay, as I went in to pay.

Didn’t tie him to anything. Didn’t make anyone hold him. Just him sitting there with his lead on the floor next to him.

And he, except for 2 momentary lapses where he tried to sniff the dropped food behind him, sat there till I came back after paying and collecting the food.

I’m so proud today 😅

Logic & Probability theory v/s Ma & her Gods

She: If everything works with logic, then why can’t it predict what happens next.

Me: Logic doesn’t mean if this then that. It means if this, then that, that, that or something else, with a probability defined by this function.

She: Your probability function is just an excuse to not accept God. I’ll accept logic when it can tell me what happens next. Till then, I’ll go with my God.

Me: And you wondered why I started smoking!

(Just another conversation with Ma many years ago, that just came rushing back while reading something)

The little smiles #3

We’re waiting outside the station to pick up Raghs. Suddenly, the boy’s tail starts beating rapidly. There’s a girl walking towards us. I know it’s not her, but he doesn’t. She crosses the road over to the other side. He follows her all the way across, then the tail stops. Eyes back at the gate.

Tail starts wagging again. Loudly this time. Really loud. He knows it before I do. She’s here.