4 bins with 56 house number stickers on them

Weekend diary

Planted 60 lavender plugs.

Spent the first two days – Friday and Saturday – mostly in bed suffering from a particularly bad phase of hey fever allergy. Slept a lot, took a lot of medicines, ate a lot, wore a mask everywhere, including inside the house and while driving.

On Sunday, woke up feeling better so made the day productive. Transported the new, old teak dresser over from David’s. Helped Paul set up the baby seat in his car. Walked Chewie and Kia. Missed Dudley. Made poor vegetarian’s version of English breakfast. Saw a GP about hay fever. Bought and had the medicines. Made a half line fix in the Instaprime app, and got it working on my tablet again. Pasted house number stickers on all the bins. Planted those 60 lavender plug plants. In between also slightly de-weeded the hedge. Watered all the outdoor plants. Fed all the outdoor plants. Shaved.