No Carb Thursdays

Latest life tweak is ‘No Carb Thursdays’.

Why ‘No carbs’? Because I love carbs but they also make me feel bloated and lazy. And avoiding them all, all the time, unnecessarily taxes my will power. I have reduced the usual intake, but it still spikes occasionally (actually more frequently than I admit).

Also because I’ve gained nearly 1.5Kg in last week—76.6 last Thursday, 77.9 today. And I hadn’t run in four days. And I’m not happy—about a few things in particular, but also that low-intensity background unhappiness in general.

So I decided to try a new thing.

Why ‘Thursdays’? Because today is Thursday, and I didn’t want to put this off till tomorrow.

P.S.: No carb doesn’t really mean no carbs. It just means I won’t eat things that are mostly carbs—bread, sweets, etc. I still ate plum tomatoes, almonds, breaded cod, cucumber, carrot, peanuts and peanut butter. Most of them contain a fair amount of carbs. Neither of them is mostly carbs, though.

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