Commiserations :(

Got the wrong email yesterday:

Commiserations, unfortunately, unsuccessful…. :/

Not a very happy turn on otherwise a happy, productive day.

Ever the optimist, I had a look at the ‘good for speed’ qualification times.
My current marathon PB is 3:59.
Good for age for my age group at London Marathon is 3:02.
The olympics qualification criteria last time around was 2:14.

From my perspective, the probability of me posting a London marathon qualifying time is almost the same as me qualifying for Tokyo olympics marathon with Team GB :)

Anyway, I did what every runner does when they get that email…

Screenshot 2019-10-10 at 06.27.53.png
C’mon Berlin, do your thing and invite me back

P.S.: The good for age qualifying time for my AG in Berlin is 2:45. Given the rate at which it’s dropping, it’ll be faster the Team GB’s olympics qualifying time in a few years :)

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