Two hours

That’s how much I overslept this morning due to experimentation with my alarm sounds.

I read somewhere that waking up to pleasant alarm sounds is the correct way to live. So, I gave it a shot. I changed my alarm sounds from the default alarm sound on Nexus 5 to a favourite song, American Pie.

It was nice. It was soothing. Too soothing. I woke up at 8:30, instead of 6:10 AM! :(

I missed my morning swim, and was sour/sad/angry till at least the yoga class at 11.

For tomorrow, I’ve changed the second alarm (6:00) to the regular, jarring alarm sound, while keeping the first one still as the song. Let’s see if this works.

In another two hour section of the day (noon to 2 PM), this is what I did:

  1. Drove home from yoga class at SSP,
  2. Fried eggs for myself and boy. Ate them.
  3. Cleaned baking trays and Chemex while the eggs fried
  4. Folded workout clothes that’d been washed overnight
  5. Went for a walk with the boy
  6. Spoke to Mitu (& family) while on the walk. It was her birthday today, and they returned to India yesterday after 6 months in the US
  7. Listened to 4 podcasts
  8. On the way back from the walk, brought the recycling & food bin up
  9. Moved the 3 sacks of boys’ food from front landing to utility room
  10. Fed the boy
  11. Flat packed cardboard boxes, dumped them in recycling bin outside
  12. Figured out the front french door lock issue
  13. Cleaned rest of the utensils in the sink
  14. Picked up Raghi
  15. Did *not* stretch

That’s 4 hours gone. Poof

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