Convenience trumps taste

Whey protein shaken in water trumps my berries & banana smoothie with whey protein.
Fried eggs trump scrambled eggs and omelettes.

Coffee made in clever dripper trumps coffee made in Chemex.

I love my berries, banana and whey protein smoothie. Yet, I haven’t had it in maybe 6 months.
I drink whey protein everyday, shaken into water or milk. I really dislike the taste of whey in water. Shaken in milk is only marginally better. Yet, convenience trumps taste.

I love a good omelette. I make good omelettes.
Scrambled eggs, specially the Indian version (भुर्जी), are a close second. Raghi makes good Indian style scrambled eggs.
I haven’t eaten an omelette since mid-November, and scrambled eggs in weeks.

I eat eggs every morning for breakfast. 

I go for fried eggs. They are simple to make and, more importantly, don’t need any active attention. I can break a couple of eggs in a pan, over butter, and carry on with other morning tasks white the eggs cook. There’s no prep required, like with an omelette. Nor is there any scrambling/turning required to ensure they cook evenly. Just have a passing glance once in a while to check if they’re ready. Convenience trumps taste.

I love coffee. I drink at least two servings a day – a home brewed mug in the morning, and either a cafe-brewed cup, or another home brewed mug in the afternoon.

I have a Chemex that makes really good coffee. I also have a clever dripper that also makes good coffee. I prefer the coffee from the Chemex, but end up making it in clever dripper. It’s all convenience again. With the clever dripper, I can just pour over the water on the ground coffee, place the lid, and let it brew for a few minutes while I do other stuff (usually my morning stretches). Later, I place the dripper on the mug, and let the coffee filter through while I do other stuff (usually take Chewie out into the backyard for his morning business).

Using the Chemex requires me to be present there the whole time, periodically pouring over the water, as the coffee filters through. It’s better, it’s tastier, but it’s not as convenient.

And what do we know? Convenience trumps taste1.

  1. Convenience, most of the time, trumps a lot of things – taste, cost, distance, time. Behavioural economics, theoretically, and growth hacking, practically, cover this all the time. 

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