That was my weight today morning – 81.9 Kg.

12 days ago it was 78.2 Kg.

That’s 12 days with injured ankles.
12 days without walking my dogs.
12 days without any exercise. No swimming, no yoga, no pilates, no cycling, and definitely no running.
12 days of over eating and sugar overdosing.
12 days of watching an unhealthy amount of TV.
12 days of not speaking to parents or friends.
Also, almost 12 days of awaiting a regret email.

12 days of being physically and emotionally crippled. 12 days of fighting, and not always winning, a battle with creeping depression.

The weight gain is just a symptom.

Received the regret email last night. Have composed, but not yet sent, the response.
Took the boys for a walk earlier today. The feet hurt, but not enough to have to cut short the walk.
Spoke to parents, while on the walk.
Haven’t yet ODed on sugar today.
I did spend the day in front of the TV. Watched the Giro, two episodes of Modern Family, and read half a dozen Economist articles.

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