Listening to a playlist of about 20 songs…

Listening to a playlist of about 20 songs while working. The only time I get stuck is when these few lines come up once every while.

Ma ne khat me kya likha tha
  Jee tu jug jug ye likha tha
Chaar pal bhi jee naa paaya tu

Yaaron se nazrein mila le
  Ek baar tu muskura de
Uth jaa saale yun satata hai kyun

Dunno if it’s me missing Ma, missing friends back home, missing home, or just the actual words used. Need to delete the song from playlist if I wish to continue working without getting any more senti… :(

A literal translation of the lyrics for my non-Hindi speaking readers:

What did Mom say in her letter?
  Have a long life, she said
But you didn’t even live for 4 moments.

Look into friends’ eyes
  Smile once
Get up bastard, why do you bugger us so..

Context: One of 3 close friends living in a hostel is seriously ill and the other two are praying/singing for him to recover.

Song: Jaane nahin denge from the movie 3 idiots

5 thoughts on “Listening to a playlist of about 20 songs…”

  1. Dude boy, I can understand the feeling … everyone of us go through the similar emotions .. we start questioning whether we have got our priorities right or not. Then we try to justify our stands in life.
    However one thing is sure – Its killing to just stuck at that thought … need to take action; whichever suits us and our philosophy at that moment.

  2. Identified one bit of why I’m feeling sad listening those lines … the way he sings ‘saale’.

    There’s one person who calls me saale (and worse) like that – liberally and with a sense of comradeship. My room mate at undergrad, closest friend for over a decade, and someone I haven’t spoken to in ages. Makes me miss him dearly… :{

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