Friends are not welcome.

They come for short visits, surround me with happy vibes, make me feel good, make me a social animal.

Then they leave, off to get lost in their busy lives, leaving me behind to wallow in my new-again loneliness.

It’s too hard. Not doing it again. All invitations now stand withdrawn.

7 thoughts on “Friends are not welcome.”

  1. Bah, call me for lunch some day that you aren’t planning a long ride for.

    Yes, I know I’m a miserable specimen for a ‘social animal’, but at least you can be confident there are bottom-dwellers lower than you. :P

    1. That day could’ve been today. Now has to be next week.

      And you’re far more of a social animal than me… even if its just because your hubby drags your out to meet people :)

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