7 days to London – rest, recover, run

Tldr: late walk, post walk lunch, post lunch siesta, post siesta run, post run stretch, post stretch dinner, post dinner lazying. Taper starts tomorrow.

Heat is no good. Yesterday we got a mild taste of heat – sunny with max temp just above 19°C. We all suffered. My run felt hard, boys were knackered, and so were we.

Today, we continued to recover from yesterday’s heat. At 11AM, everyone in the house, bar me, was still asleep. Usually the boys are getting restless for a walk by then. Today, both of them, and R were all happily dreaming away.

Later, after a short walk in cooler weather, we all lay low again for rest of the day – resting and sleeping to recover from yesterday.

All that is to say that I did zilch for much of the day, including no stretching.

Ran in the evening. It was about 12°C when I left, and getting cooler. It was perfect running weather. How I wish we could get this weather next Sunday. It’s predicted to be a max of 20°C 😨

The run was good. Legs felt rested, rest of the body felt good as well. Went slow, at a high cadence but keeping HR in lower zone 2. Ran a happy 11 km.

Did a nice stretching session after the run. Felt good.

Skipped the planned foam rolling session. Not proud, but still happy 😁

No muscle has pained, niggled, or cramped in the last few runs. It’s a good sign. Need to keep the legs moving and stretching-rolling-icing through the week.

Had eggs for breakfast, chicken gyros for lunch, and rajmah & chilly paneer for dinner. Also had a ton of lindt dark chocolate with hazelnuts throughout, and hydration salts – ORS and Sis. Drank whey protein after the run, and had a (extra) tablet of feroglobin before it. I’m thinking of doubling feroglobin intake for next 4-5 days.

Taper week starts tomorrow. Plan is for lots of stretching, a swim, yoga/pilates, and sports massage on Tuesday, expo visit on Wednesday, a 5K on Thursday, and gluttony on Friday & Saturday.

7 days to London – rest, recover, run

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