Lunch meal deal from Tesco
Lunch meal deal from Tesco

This used to be my go-to lunch back in SJW days – BLT, plain salted crisps, and a can of Coke.

I haven’t bought it in, at least, the last 6 years.

I didn’t feel like driving into town for lunch today, didn’t like the options at H+H, and didn’t feel like eating the food at home. So, took a chance on this old favourite.

Turns out I still like a BLT. I didn’t particularly like the fried chips – I’ve only had the baked variety last few years. And, I consume an unhealthy volume of Coke Zero already, so this was just a drop in the pond.

I enjoyed the change.

I did replace a Coke zero for the regular Coke.

Shame stares

I’ve just parked in my usual parking spot on the far side of Tesco.
Guy drives in, doing 30mph in the 5 mph zone, straight into the parent and child parking spots next to the door.
In a sports car. No child, or space for a child evident in the car.
While there are loads of non-marked parking spaces all around, including just opposite where he parked.

I walk past his car with my best despicable stare.
He gets out of the car – a seemingly respectable man in his 50s – just as I enter the cafe.

Sadly, for him, he too is coming to the cafe. He orders a tea to take away. I’m still giving him a nasty look.

They accidently make his tea to drink-in. I’m still giving him a bad vibe.

He takes one sip of the tea, drops his head, quietly exits and drives off.

For once, I was on the other side. And I don’t know how to feel about it – I should feel good, but I feel bad.