Lunch meal deal from Tesco
Lunch meal deal from Tesco

This used to be my go-to lunch back in SJW days – BLT, plain salted crisps, and a can of Coke.

I haven’t bought it in, at least, the last 6 years.

I didn’t feel like driving into town for lunch today, didn’t like the options at H+H, and didn’t feel like eating the food at home. So, took a chance on this old favourite.

Turns out I still like a BLT. I didn’t particularly like the fried chips – I’ve only had the baked variety last few years. And, I consume an unhealthy volume of Coke Zero already, so this was just a drop in the pond.

I enjoyed the change.

I did replace a Coke zero for the regular Coke.

Guy comes out of Tesco. Lights up a cigarette. Balances the phone between his ear and shoulder. Opens the box of mini brownies, and happily chomps on them between drags on the cigarette, and phone conversation.

I’m judging him. And hating myself for judging him.

He’s exploding at the waist. I hate myself.

The cigarette is over, as is the call. So he opens a can of coke (regular) to help with the brownies. I HATE MYSELF.

Judging is easy. It’s almost addictive. Changing people is hard. Almost never starts with judging. I need to let it go. I need to try harder.

(As does he)