No to ‘A’, is not a Yes for ‘B’

It’s just a demand for something better than A.

In a political tussle between issues A & B, the defeat of A doesn’t mean the public supports B. It just means they don’t support A.

Couple of examples…

Communism vs Capitalism

The people’s revolutions just said they didn’t want Communism anymore. Not that they wanted Capitalism.

Despite what every politician in the West may tell you, the people in Eastern Europe & Russia didn’t choose Capitalism. They chose to be free of Communist dictatorships. And to try another politico-economic order. It’d be a stretch to say they chose Capitalism, given a majority of them hadn’t experienced it for multiple generations

Globalisation vs Isolationism

People are saying no to rampant Globalisation, not yes to Isolationism.

Whether it’s Brexit, rise of Trump & Sanders, or the anti-trade, anti-bigCo, and anti-globalisation trends in polls, the voice is clear – a large portion of Western populations have grown vary and sceptical of Globalisation. In free trade, free movement of people, and even in free movement of ideas.

What it doesn’t indicate is that the people want to be isolated from everyone else in the world. What it may indicate is that the people want a control on the mingling – to not be completely overrun, without recourse, in their own backyard.

In most cases, people know exactly what they don’t want. And that’s why they voted as they did.

They’re not as clear on what they do want. They just want something better.

This, however, doesn’t imply that they want the only presented alternative. In most cases, they may want another, not-yet-visible solution. One that isn’t currently offered to them. One that even they may not be able to clearly describe/explain, at the moment.

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Oil, Islam, Addiction.

It’s not a battle between Islam and Christianity, or Islam and rest of the world, but a battle for the soul, and control, of Islam.

The scary bit is that the bad guys are backed by limitless amounts of money. Worse bit is that this money comes from us, from our addiction to oil.

And that is why it’s an addiction. We know it’s bad – bad for our health, bad for the environment and bad because that money supports the very people intent on driving Islam, and rest of us, back to the middle ages. Yet, we are powerless to do anything about it.

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Evolution, Orthodoxy – Meme Triggered Thoughts

Evolution of Man

It’s highly unfair to charachterise all Chrisitans as holding that idiotic, creationist view point.

However, given the extremist positioning that the Vatican, and many American ‘born-again’ churches have taken on this (and many other) topic, the generalisation of this comic-meme seems to be fast becoming almost true.

In fact, my big fear is that we may soon see a Christian equivalent of the Islamist extremism we see in Asia & Africa – unless one conform to the extremest possible interpretation of the religious beliefs, one’s deemed to be a non-believer.

What’s worse is that last time these two religions staggered their dive into orthodoxy, to the benefit of (almost) all humanity. While Christian Europe was wallowing in ‘dark’ middle ages, Islamic societies were flourishing in scientific and artistic achievements. When Islamic societies stumbled, Christian lands took over the charge, undergoing a renaissance, to be followed later by an industrial revolution. Between them they kept scientific and artistic growth flourishing. (Not discounting the numerous contributions of non-Abrahamic societies in China, India, and elsewhere.)

What a shame it is, now, to see the leading societies (nations) of both religions race each other to the bottom of orthodoxy.

Having spent much of the day off twitter…

Having spent much of the day off twitter, I thought I’d indulge myself by spending a few minutes on Quora. Saw 4 questions on my home page that made me switch of completely. The questions:

What is the best Hindu / Christian / Muslim / Black mobile application?

I think the proverbial Orkutiyas have reached Quora already. Time for me to quit?