Follow-up: multiples and fractions of 7

Earlier I wrote about remembering fractions of 6 due to influence of cricket. In the footnotes there, I mentioned also being good with number 7.

I remembered why I (subconsciously) know so many multiples and fractions of 7. It’s got to do with all those physics problems in high school.

Gravitational acceleration (g) near earth is 9.8m/s2. This can also be written as 7*7*2/10.
2 and 10 are easy to manoeuvre. 7 required me to calculate the fractions and multiples.

Since there were a lot of questions with g involved, I subconsciously memorised the frequent multiples and fractions. Now, decades later, I still (subconsciously) remember a fair number of them without having to bother with the calculation.

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The law of conservation of inertia

I want to do all these things right now:

  1. Stay in bed with Chewie staying sprawled over my lap, and finish reading the book
  2. Go to my workstation, and start working

  3. Go for Saturday run

  4. Go shit

Law of conservation of inertia states that I’ll stay in the state I’m in.

I can confirm that Newton and Galileo were correct 📖🐶💤🛌😀

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