Fuck up!

After 57 days of step goal streak…

And doing the hard work of a long walk in the day, distant parking at Tesco, and a post dinner walk…

I missed today’s step target by 38 steps! Fuck fuck fuck!!!

A trip to the loo would’ve sorted that out! Instead I sat down in front of the idiot box and forgot about the target till after the clock had hit 12!

Just 2 days to go for a 2 month streak, and I blundered like that!

Fucking idiot! Fuck! Fuck! FUCK!!!

We listened to the man because he had…

We listened to the man because he had something to tell us, and us alone. Not how to play baseball, though he did that better than anyone. Not how to win, though winning was wonderful. Not even how to sacrifice. He was teaching us something far more important: how to cope with the two greatest enemies of a well-lived life, fear and failure.

To make the lesson stick, he made sure we encountered enough of both. I never could have explained at the time what he had done for me, but I felt it in my bones all the same. When I came home one day during my senior year and found the letter saying that, somewhat improbably, I had been admitted to Princeton University, I ran right back to school to tell Coach Fitz.

Then I grew up.

Coach Fitz’s Management Theory