This week

A new leaf unfurling on a monsterra plant. The new leaf is light green in colour while all existing leafs are a darker green.

The monsterra started unfurling a new leaf. It appears to be happy with its new location.

A photo of the cover of the book,

Bought a book just by (for) the cover. The cover even more beautiful than expected, and still slightly disappointing. I was expecting it to be embossed rather than predicted.

An Ikea air quality monitor showing red, warning about bad air quality. There's a pachira leaf in the foreground and a Google Nest WiFi router behind.

Bought an Ikea air quality monitor. I thought the air in my office was bad. It started on green. I moved it to the loving room. It’s been stubbornly stuck at red. Been researching air cleaners since then. They’re expensive 🙁

Went for a few good walks with kids. They slept around me rest of the while.

A Groot figure in plastic. The figure is resting on its right arm and left elbow, and its face is resting on the left hand. Its got a gentle smile and big wide eyes. There are a couple of coffee mugs to the right, and a clear plastic water bottle behind it. They are all on what appears to be an office cubicle table.R got me a Groot. Then she stole it away to Exeter. I am groot 🙁