This week in dogs, plants and walks

A bright green young leaf surrounded by large dark green leaves on a monsterra plant. A yellow table is partly visible, out of focus, in the background.

The leaf finished unfurling.

It has company around the house.

One of the few sunny walks earlier in the week. That weather feels tropical warm now.

An alpine Dianthus covered in frost

Weekend brought in heavy frost.

Saw marks on a piece of a tree highlighted by frost.

A field on a downward slope, with low hills and trees in the distance. The field before the trees is frozen and white.

We did manage a sunny, if freezing, walk on Saturday.

A sunken path through woodland. The ground is covered in many layers of brown leaves. It's foggy. A black labrador dog is in the centre of the frame.

Sunday’s walk was just a mix of fog, woods and frozen fields.

Kia, a small brown cocker spaniel, hugging a small brown and white dog soft toy. Both are pretending to sleep.
My little dog with her little dog

Missed this little one though. She’d have loved bouncing around in frozen fields and grass.