This week in ice, snow and dogs

If there was a theme of the week, for this week it’d be ice.

A bit of snow, a lot of hoar frost, a lot of freezing fog …. a lot of beautiful, crispy, clean white.

A plate with some stir fried green beans, some curly fries, and piece of chicken schnitzel.

Cooked a bit. This is the only thing I took a photo of – stir fried beans with cooked-from-frozen curly chips and chicken schnitzel.

Got myself a new monitor. It’s a beautiful, 21:9 ultra wide, curved screen. It’s also got a full powered hub so I’ve now got a single cable connecting everything to the laptop.

Sadly, Apple doesn’t support text scaling for non 4K screens, so the text is way smaller than what I’m used to. I think I’ll end up increasing default font sizes across my most used apps soon – Chrome, Obsidian, AS, VS Code.

A bottle of Chardonnay white wine of 2021 vintage from South Africa

Opened and finished another of the small stash of wines we’d picked up from Lidl. Like the ones before, this did not disappoint.

Spent a chilly Saturday in bed with the three of them. bliss

The day of peak white. And earlier today before the rain wiped out all the white 🙁