Farewell, mug.


My favourite coffee mug is no more :'(

R1 dropped it ages ago—breaking the handle, chipping the lip, and cracking the body. I superglued back the handle, and kept using it. The glue is good for regular use but comes off every few weeks, specially when using warm soapy water to clean.

Last night it broke again while I was cleaning it. This time it won’t be stuck back. With a heavy heart, I’ve decided to say my thanks and put the mug to rest.

You served me well, señor mug. We had many good times together, all involving that great drink we both love—coffee. Thank you for your service. Thanks for the company. Thanks for the coffee. Rest in peace.

In more sad news, the lionesses lost :'(

The dream of the cup is gone as well. At least for another few years.

I am happy with the way they played, the spirit they showed, and how they *almost* broke the US. I started as a French2 supporter, but it was hard not to back the lionesses.

Well done, lionesses. Thanks for all the excitement, the entertainment, the sweat, the energy, and … the heartbreak.

See you again at the Olympics.


  1. Yep, R broke the mug—twice! But she was also the one who got it. It was swag from her last organisation, Automattic. 
  2. I’ll miss you too, France. Henry, Diani, Sommer, Renard, Bouhaddi, and Mbock Bathy. You were all fast, strong and skilled. You were also entertaining. Henry’s celebrations with the bench after her goal in the first match is my favourite memory of the world cup. It was unbriddled joy. I loved it. I’ll miss it. Thank you! 

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