Today, I…

  • Watched three, maybe four episodes of Grey’s Anatomy
  • Finished off a book that I didn’t want to finish (I liked it a lot, didn’t want it to end)
  • Cried quietly inside after the book finished
  • Didn’t run, swim, or go for pilates
  • Cursed the rain, and asked it to stop. I always loved rain.
  • Didn’t have any coffee, Coke zero, peanut butter, or milk chocolate. 3 days now!
  • Didn’t watch any news, or visit any news websites. Many days going.
  • Went for a short walk, on a muddy, steep trail, in the dark, at 21:30. Because I needed to keep my ‘floors climbed’ streak going.
  • Tentatively explored a new project.
  • Missed my grandmom. And my childhood, in that home.
  • Am unable to sleep because of a mix of emotions – anxiety, sadness, uncertainty, melancholy.
  • Didn’t meditate.
  • Didn’t call home. Overdue by 2 days. Didn’t call sister. Overdue by 3 weeks. Didn’t call a friend. Overdue by 7 weeks.

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