The not-smart ‘Move Bar’

The dreaded move bar!
The dreaded move bar!

Spend the morning running a marathon.

Sit down to rest, hydrate, eat and recover.


Who’s it?

The move bar. It’s time to move, you’ve been inactive too long, you lazy bum!

I don’t mean to be ungrateful. I really like the move bar. It keeps me moderately active on most days, buzzing me every hour to get up from the work desk, and walk a minute or two.

But, in the age of alpha zero, is it amiss to ask the move bar to have some consideration for more than just the immediate past (hour)?

Something simple would do. If I’ve moved a multiple of my day’s step target, or have over 120 intensity mins in the last couple of hours, that’s a decent indicator that the move bar could stay shut up for a few hours. Sure, start buzzing me after lunch. The morning marathon only lasts so long. But don’t buzz me even before I’ve reached back home :/

Meanwhile, this is what lazy bums really look like:

Lazy bums hogging the sofa
Lazy bums hogging the sofa

The one on the left – her move bar has been full all morning. She refuses to budge!

Original post title: “Damn you move bar!”

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