Morning notes…

Starting with the sad.

Pal passed away last night :'(
Smiley was old, and had done a long and loving stint making the world happy. Pal was just getting started. He was young, handsome, joyous, huge, and lovely. I’m sad. Can’t even fathom how Joanne and her family are coping.

I’m missing Pal :(
So, Chewie is getting extra hugs, treats and kisses today.

Now the not so sad.

Went swimming.
Woke up on time (6:20), despite multiple snoozes, and little sleep last night1.
Took it really slow and easy in the pool. Focus was entirely on getting the form back. It was a success. Got 2100m of good swimming – full stretch of the arms, twisting, reaching, gentle but consistent kicking, and easy breathing. Really happy with the swim.

Tesco shopping.
Nothing special with the shopping itself.
What was special was that it was my first shopping with just the phone. I scanned the Tesco card from the android pay app, then paid using contactless with the Barclaycard app. Wallet-less.

An hour at home (half of it in the loo). And back at SSP for Yoga.

With Phoenix membership finished, I needed a yoga class to fill in. I tried a class with Emily last Tuesday, and found it adequate.
Went again today, and found it even better. Her class is easier than Katie’s, but more yoga-focused than Yvette’s. Since this is a shorter, 45-min class, it helps stretch & strengthen the muscles, with a lower risk of taking it too far and picking up an injury.
It also helps me since I rarely stretch after swimming. This yoga session being still early in the day helps iron some of the swimming stiffness out (while leaving behind some of its own stiffness).

Missed the long walk with the boy.
I came out of the yoga class looking forward to returning home to Chewie, and taking him for a longish walk down towards Sandy lane and Loseley park.
Didn’t last long. He had already gone out for a walk with Dudley and D’s owners.

Well, at least I got to meet Dudley as a bonus :)

Now, the lunch is in the tummy, the boy is sleeping behind me, my lower back is aching, and eyes can’t stay open. Which means just one thing – time to get to work :/

  1. She woke me up. Then went back to sleep 20 mins later. Took me at least 90 mins to sleep. Result: barely 5 hours of sleep :( Zzzzz 

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