30 mins of 📈 anxiety

Lost my wallet. Looked all over the house, in the car, amongst the clothes, and anywhere else I could think of. Nothing.

Panic 😓

Drove to the cafe to get coffee. Tried to pay by contactless on mobile. Credit card declined.

More panic 😧

Drove to the sports park (Gym) – the last place I’d been with the wallet. Checked if anyone had returned a lost wallet. Nada.


Drove back home.

One last check – between the cushions of the sofa.

And there it is. Hidden tight between the cushions.

*breathing again* 😌


Chewie was acting a bit antsy when I returned from yoga session at the sports park last night. So I’d sat down on the sofa, with him on my lap, and cuddled and rubbed him to calm him down.

The wallet must have then slipped out of the hoody pocket, and into the sofa cushion gap.

Glad to have it back.

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