‘He fell sir From the terrace About one…

‘He fell, sir. From the terrace. About one hour ago. They say it’s a suicide.’
‘I thought it would be a push down the stairs, or a beating at night. That’s all.’
‘I forgot we were dealing with good people, Shanmugham,’

from ‘Last man in the tower’ by Arvind Adiga

3 thoughts on “‘He fell sir From the terrace About one…”

  1. I think his obsession with scatology is good, given it’s in keeping with the reality of life in India (and much of developing world).

    Similarly with the odd, adamant behaviour of Masterji. I’ve seen shades of similar behaviour in many people in face of sudden change. Loved the characters of Masterji and Dharmen Shah. They were both heroes – one in his own honourable, eccentric ways, and the other in ways of the world.

    Otherwise, been good. How’ve you been?

    1. I loved Dharmen Shah’s character actually. And all through the end I kept wishing he would meet Master ji. But then all novels better not have a happy end. And then again how often do novels have a single end? They have many. – blabber warning –

      Otherwise, been good too. Thanks. Out of work actually :) hopefully this phase will stay long enough to have my work-rusted bain think about what I want to do and soon enough that savings won’t run out. And hopefully the thinking part will finish too. TC!

  2. Gaah! Would have liked it better if Mr. Adiga didn’t have such an obsession with scatology. And frankly I’ve said “What’s WRONG with Masterji?” so many times I wish I didn’t.

    And well, hello there! Been good?

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