Weight has gone from 75.4kg in late April, to 80.1kg today. 5kg up in 2 months.

Total running distance for May and June, combined, is less than that for any one of the previous four months!

Last week was the first one this year with zero activity, of any kind – running, cycling, swimming, spinning or gym work.

Time to declare this the bottom, so the only way is up.


New Forest.

In under a week, my plans for New Forest have changed half a dozen times. Here they are:

Mid last week :)
Going for the sportive in beautiful New Forest, on Sunday morning.
Late last week :(
Earliest train reaches only 4 mins before start, so no point going.
Saturday evening :)
Sportive cancelled due to flooding. Glad for money saved, and now I can plan for next time.
Saturday night :(
Sportive now scheduled the day before only other sportive I’m riding this year. Which one to skip?
Monday morning :)
Having passed the driving test, making plans to hire a car and take partner and dog down to New Forest for whole sportive weekend.
Monday night :(
Read report on sabotage of sportive, and heckling of cyclists in New Forest. Plans cancelled. Not going there ever again.
Tuesday morning :)
Screw New Forest vigilantes. I’ll just save money and head back up to Lake District or Scotland!