Aside: Injury update

Sometime last week, my left heel started aching.

Then, the post-race massage led to pain in the soleus for a couple of days. The physio did mention that my calves were very stiff.

Then, I started getting the infamous first-step heel pain in the mornings. It is the dreaded plantar fasciitis :(

I’ve spent most of this week stretching and foam rolling diligently, with special focus on calves, heels and the arches. Yesterday, I could feel them getting better. Today was the first day that I woke up without the first-step heel pain.

However, it’s been getting worse as the day has gone along. Heel pain is back, and I can feel the stiffness in the medial and central plantar aponeurosis. I could feel them while rolling on the spiky ball, and even while walking in the evening.

More stretching and rolling tomorrow. And keeping fingers crossed that this improves, rather than regresses.

I’m not sure what caused it. Till it was just a heel pain, I though it was due to hitting the swimming pool wall badly during a turn. It could also have been walking in my way-too-old trainers and walking shoes.

Now that I know it’s plantar fasciitis, I’m guessing it’s from running two half marathons in the PureFlows. They aren’t supposed to be used for longer runs. I’d run several 10K & 10-mile runs in them before, but none were at race pace. Their reduced cushioning, combined with my probably heel striking in the latter parts of the races may have led to this.


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