Gluttony & spices don’t go well together

tldr: skipped meal + spicy home food => gluttony => discomfort => finger sandwich => further unease

Thanks to an uber productive morning, both at work and run, I missed a meal yesterday. This meant that I was quite hungry by dinner time.

Mother in law was making their (Gult/Tam) version of Punjabi pooda. Almost the same as my mom’s except packed with chillies 1. Additionally, Raghs and I, sharing a plate had a ton of her chilli mint chutney with the poodas.

It was quite a yummy combination, and combined with the hunger from missed meal, it meant I had quite a few. And then some more. Literally!

Paid for it dearly.

I was walking around the house at midnight, trying to ease the discomfort in tummy and chest from *all* the food, and chilli.2

That didn’t help, so I resorted to a more drastic option – a finger sandwich :(

Did a small vomit, clearing up most of the oesophagus. Cleaned up – myself and the pot. And then, suddenly, came the involuntary puke – emptying half my stomach. Worse, some of that super hot chilli puke entered the nasal channel from behind, causing even more agony.

10 mins later, my eyes were red and bulging, nose burning, and head throbbing. Well, at least the stomach and chest were clean(er).

It’s almost 12 hours since that episode, and my nose and throat are still feeling the effects, with odd spittle of blood coming through.

And I’m feeling weaker than I have in a while, probably jeopardising today’s run.

Lesson’s learnt:

  1. don’t skip a meal
  2. don’t eat spicy grub like a glutton
  3. go for a run to move grub down, rather than use a finger sandwich

  1. She doesn’t like the frozen English red chilli we have at home, so packs them in heavy to make an impact ;) 
  2. No, it wasn’t to increase my day’s step count, and create some space between MiL and me :D