Didn’t work, or workout all day. Started it in happy, high-energy mode, but blew it.

No swimming, pilates or yoga this week. Not much stretching today either.

Need to meditate to get my head at peace. Haven’t. In weeks.

Forgot to take the torch for evening walk. Chewie went barking at some guy walking in the arboretum. By the time I got him under control, Dudley went off to the guy, who was already rattled.

I hate loud noises. Chewie’s bark is really loud. I had to scold him, badly. All bad for my mental peace.

In all the chaos, I also dropped my phone. The screen protector is in bits now, but at least it saved the screen.

Then, my favourite bluetooth headphones stopped working. I couldn’t listen to any podcasts on the walk.

Next, Dudley tore off Chewie’s lighted collar. I saw that, so picked up the collar, but lost a battery. Since I had forgotten the torch, I had to use phone flash light to look for it. Took a bit.

Dudley got a bit of a scolding. I hate scolding. I hate loud voices, including my own. Not good for my mental peace.

I want to get some things done – things to do with work, with new work, with money, with parents, with us, and more. I’m not doing anything.

I’m angry. Just angry. I need to run.

P.S.: I hate the new George O’Malley

Solace in Chaos

After yesterday’s heavy exercise, I needed a load of coffee to get myself working today. So, settled down in a cafe to work, instead of my regular work space.

It’s a shocking surprise how much more efficient I’m here in this noisy, chaotic cafe, than I’m at my usual, super-quiet work space.

One immediate reason I grasped upon was the fact that there is so much noise here, that I’m unable to comprehend, and thus get distracted by, anything. In the usual workplace, everything and everyone is so quiet that even a whisper across the hall is clearly audible and understood. Each whisper, each motion, every door opening is a disturbance, a distraction.

Ironic, but surprisingly true, I’ve found solace in this chaos :)