It’s not feminism.

It’s humanism.

It’s about men getting to do things they want – cook, knit, cry in public, sing, wear beautiful pink shirts.

It’s about women getting to do things they want – drive lorries, develop AIs, fix plumbing, wear blue-grey suits, drink beer, and laugh out loud in public.

Or vice versa. Or both. Or neither.

It’s about everyone getting to be, and do, what they want, without the fear of repercussions – formal, informal, social, legal, or even just a slanted eye look.


I can’t help but feel that she has a certain freedom that I envy when she’s having an episode. I feel like everyone’s a little crazy and we all walk around with this armor of sanity, and she’s just able to cast it off completely. I’d almost like to join her and run around the city if only she could keep it from spinning out of control.

A Human of New York