Saw Senna For a believer God can be…

Saw Senna.

For a believer, God can be a powerful, inspiring force. For a non-believer, God is irrelevant but can it be a handicap in not having that powerful belief giving you that extra drive?

A believer should derive his satisfaction from his belief in his God. Why should he bother a non-believer as long as the non-believer doesn’t consciously cause an affront to his religion?
Similarly, a non-believer should derive his satisfaction from being independent and not relying on what is possibly just a figment of imagination served to keep the masses in check. Why should he bother a believer as long as the believer doesn’t consciously force him to submit to his particular belief?

Let it go.

P.S.: Brilliant documentary. Loved it. Would’ve definitely cried had partner not taken my hand over just as the Imola section began. Loved it :|