My boy’s growing up!

Took the boy along when I went to get my dinner in town. It was his first visit to that part of town, the street with loads of eateries. Specially the one where we were headed – Meat the Greek – with meat scents floating out of its open windows.

I placed my order from the window, then made him sit, and stay, as I went in to pay.

Didn’t tie him to anything. Didn’t make anyone hold him. Just him sitting there with his lead on the floor next to him.

And he, except for 2 momentary lapses where he tried to sniff the dropped food behind him, sat there till I came back after paying and collecting the food.

I’m so proud today 😅

Pleading with Chewie not to thank me after…

Pleading with Chewie not to thank me after every meal by licking my face, and leaving it smelling like his dry food.

Me: What if a super hot model walks in the door, and wants to lick my face? What’ll she think if it smells of your food?

Partner (translating Chewie’s squirms): Why would you want a super model who doesn’t like the smell of a dog?

Me: No, she loves dogs, and will think I’m eating his food! He’s thin enough to convince anyone he’s starving, and my face smells of his food!

Partner, whom I constantly harass to let me increase Chewie’s food: *Bugger off both of you*

I’ll record this as a win.

Someone out there doesn’t want me to eat…

Someone out there doesn’t want me to eat healthy.

For lunch today:
Went to Subway – it had been burgled and was under renovation
Went to Waitrose’s Salad Bar – cleaned out except for potatoes and tomatoes
Went to Sandwich sections at Greggs & M&S – barely half a dozen variants available, none appealing.

Finally, gave up and picked up a Big Mac from McDonalds. Made it without cheese :|